Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Motion Picture - Review

The first review is in!

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Bombazine Black are an instrumental, Melbourne-based band with a sprawling, atmospheric sound and a boatload of talent. They are set to release their second album, Motion Picture, on September 3rd, and we at Ctrl-x have been lucky enough to snag a copy. The band was founded by Matt Davis, who also created Aussie indie-rock outfit Gersey, and features contributions from Daryl Bradie, Dan Tulen (both from Gersey), Miles Browne (Art of Fighting), Tayalor Holland (Monroe Mustang), Jayne Tuttle, Michael Emenau and Eugene Ball (Allan Browne Quintet).

The opening track is a beautiful, subtly performed number called ‘Annelets’, and sets the tone for the album perfectly. Like the work of comparable bands such as Spiritualized, Sigur Ros and even Radiohead, BB’s music is soft, hypnotic, atmospheric and intricately structured. The chemistry the band clearly possess is put to excellent use, layering and weaving and effortlessly crafting soundscapes that are subtle and smooth and relaxing and amazing.

Davis himself has composed numerous film and theatre scores, and his ability to effectively write extended instrumental pieces which are dynamic and interesting and enjoyable to listen to is put on show here. I mentioned the opening track by name, but there aren’t any truly standout tracks – and that’s a good thing, when they’re all of as excellent quality as the songs on Motion Picture.
This is your soundtrack to a lazy Sunday night with a bottle of red and a stick of incense. This is music to listen to.


review by Ben Vernel

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