Thursday, September 16, 2010

BMA Review..

Bombazine Black are cut from the same sonic cloth as Mogwai and Tortoise however they steer away from the done to death crescendos in favour of a more delicate dynamic.
Motion Picture is the second album from the Melbourne based instrumental band led by Matt Davis and made up of members from Gersey, Art of Fighting, The Hoodangers and Monroe Mustang. While there is no actual film to accompany this release, it is clear Davis has approached this with the same intent behind his other soundtrack work for Australian film Look Both Ways. Each track is linear, slow building and heavily textured. At the centre of each song is Davis’ shimmering guitar, plucking melodies that float amongst a vast assortment of instruments including cello, vibraphone and trumpet. The strength of this release is the subtle layering of instruments that allow each song to build carefully without ever getting over the top.

Like a true soundtrack it feels as if each track is trying to capture an emotion or moment in time. But sometimes these moments are presented rather obviously, a little too ‘heart on your sleeve’. The harmony and rhythmic ideas are all very smooth and pretty - they offer little ambiguity to these emotions. Though not entirely original Bombazine Black do the post-rock sound well. Motion Picture is a very pretty album that could have been written for a film or a daydream just as well. 

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