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Another Motion Picture review..

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Visit their site for a free download of non-album track 'Sea-Dark Sunset'..


Melbourne instrumental post rock outfit Bombazine Black released their second album, Motion Picture, to Australian audiences this week just a year after their debut, Here Their Dreams. The band is the brainchild of Gersey member Matt Davis, who together with Marty Cooke (Gaslight Radio) launched the new record label, Letters and Tapes a couple of weeks back and this is its first release. Motion Picture is a contemplative, almost hypnotic journey that, as it title suggests, conjures up widescreen panoramas complete with sweeping landscapes that emanate from a multitude of reference points throughout its seven tracks. There is an intelligent restraint at work which aids in the careful crafting of tonal textures that give off an intensity of mood that constantly ebbs and flows. And the album is better for such insight. 

The first six tracks were recorded in live take in Melbourne at Headgap and the latter two in similar fashion in Los Angeles at Sunset Sounds. Davis and Gersey bandmates Daryl Bradie and Dan Tulen were joined by two bassists, Miles Browne (Art Of Fighting) for the Melbourne leg of the recording and Taylor Holland (Monroe Mustang) in L.A. The fullness of the band's sound was rounded out by Jayne Tuttle on piano and keys, Eugene Ball on trumpet and Michael Emanau on vibraphone. 

Motion Picture is out now in Australia at all good indie record stores on Youthful Chaos with distribution through Letters And Tapes. The link to buy from itunes is below in addition to the non-album track 'Sea-Dark Sunset', which the band have kindly made available as a free download. Bombazine Black launch Motion Picture at The Toff In Town, Melbourne on September 23. For tickets go here

Download here
Buy Motion Picture here

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