Sunday, August 29, 2010

Australia / US dates - 25/7/08

Huge thanks to everyone that came to the La Set de la Butte show and a special thanks of course to the new recruits Amalia and MNO, it was an absolute pleasure to be on stage with them and it was terrific to hear the songs with vibes and cello, it got me thinkin'.

After a frantic dash to Mad Loc the next morning to drop off the amp I jumped the RER to Charles de Gualle and caught a plane to Sydney. I've come to see Jayne perform in Dan Spielman's 'Manna' at the Sydney Theatre Company. Apart from being a terrific keyboard, glockenspiel and tambourine player she is - for those not in the know - an actress of international repute and I can't wait to see her do her thing. Tickets available

The record is 95% finished, there's only a few small mastering and artwork bits to attend to and she'll be all done. Tracklisting and release details to be announced shortly.

One thing I can announce is that in August we are embarking on a showcase tour of the USA. Full details on the shows page but here are the dates:

Saturday August 23
Austin TX

Sunday August 24
Red Scoot Inn
Austin TX

Tuesday August 26
The Living Room
New York

Thursday August 28
The Knitting Factory
Los Angeles

I'm bloody rapt to advise that in addition to Jayne and I the band will include Daryl Bradie and Danny Tulen of the mighty Gersey on guitar and drums respectively, and the irrespressible jack-of-all-trades Taylor Holland on bass. It's going to kill.


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