Sunday, August 29, 2010

All Things Considered - 23/10/08

Can't believe we've been home for over a month. We are settling back into Paris, making new music, working l'hippodrome, and saying goodbye to a summer we hardly got to know and are sorry to see the back of. That said, the autumn leaves in the Butte Chaumont are beautiful and there is vin chaud at the brasserie on the Isle de St Louis again. I love the island.

The US tour was a blast and worthy of more than a few paragraphs as is my usual undertaking, and I pledge to give it the time it deserves, but in the meantime I am pleased to report that
"The Sun Will Set" is featured in this week's fine radio broadcast/podcast by NPR, All Songs Considered, alongside Paul McCartney, Oasis and Lambchop.

Here's the link:

The introduction to the song comes on at 13:09 in the broadcast.

And the album is on iTunes.

More soon. Be well all.

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