Sunday, December 5, 2010

Motion Picture review - The AU Review

Mellow yet filled with a form of optimistic, surreal ambience, Motion Picture by Bombazine Black is a fitting soundtrack to the beginning of summer.

Filled with melodic, prevailing guitar alongside light percussion and keys undertones, this album coaxes one into a sort of trance, within which I might envision some carefree, naturalistic persons lying around a secluded field or forest. But, away from my romantic imagination, Motion Picture remains a rewarding musical experience.

Motion Picture is a title that perfectly captures the essence of this album. Every track on this album is voxless, supporting the cathartic feel of the music. Despite the similarities between tracks one through to seven, each one serves as an individual piece contributing to the final product. The opening track is an understated, epic introduction to the rest of the album, which seems to travel in waves.

‘The New Ruse’ resonates positivity in its 3:50 length, containing a backing of organ sounds and light keyboard. Next, ‘Montmartre’ features the cello, while ‘Roosevelt’ is short and sweet with a beautiful piano overtone. But, 'The Bel Esprit', which is found towards the end of the album, is my personal favourite. So light, with horns in the background and either xylophone or piano played in a very high key in the forefront.

In general, the second record for the unconventional group formed by guitarist Matt Davis is a musical progression dispersed in to seven mellow tracks, all of which seem to be a level-up progression from Bombazine Black’s last record, Here Their Dreams. Love it, particularly as everyone chills out to inhale the summer air.

Review Score: 8/10

by Josie Smart

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